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Decorating your bedroom is not as easy as it seems. If you want to make your bedroom the most enjoyable place in your home then you must have to choose Wooden Bed Frames. Such frames will not only provide you comfort but it also will be an exquisite part of your bedroom. The bed frame is the first thing that people notice when they come into the bedroom.

A bed is a thing which you use more than 8 HOURS a day depending on your habits. So, choosing a perfect bed has many advantages. It can correct your sleeping position, let you come in and out of the bed easily. Moreover, bed frames also responsible for the life of the mattress because it not only gives the mattress support but it also prevents weak and bendy slopes.

The best black wood bed frame can be hard to find because there are so many choices to pick from so, keeping this in mind Black Wooden bed frames has chosen the top 7 best black wooden bed frames for you. If you don’t have much time to go through the whole list then I would recommend you take a look at Zinus Suzanne Metal and wood platform bed frame.

If you want to look at more choices then don’t worry I get you covered. I have chosen these products after critically analyzing and testing it. Most bed frames failed to pass our tests so, only 7 beds were left in the market which I am referring to you. Let’s go through each of them one by one.

If you want to know all about wooden bed frames then here is the wiki search [1]. Below are the reviews of the black wood frames of 2021.


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1.     Zinus Suzanne: Black Wood Bed Frame

Zinus Suzanne Metal and Wood Platform Bed with Headboard and Footboard / Box Spring Optional / Wood Slat Support, Queen
  • INDUSTRIAL STYLING - Black metal frame boasts clean lines...
  • BUILT TO LAST - Sturdy steel framework and solid wood are...
  • NO BOX SPRING NEEDED - Designed with sturdy wooden slats to...
  • EASY ASSEMBLY – Everything you need is efficiently packed...
  • Worry-free 5 year limited warranty included; mattress sold...

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A bed is also used for many things other than sleeping. You can use the black wood b

ed frame bed for reading your most loved book or you can have rest any time of the day. So, the wooden bed frames are the most important thing which many of us look for.

But for having the perfect bed you have to look for the best design which suits your room. This Zinus bed is both metal and wood which provides a sleek look for your room so, this wood bed combined with a metal surface provides good durability and style.

The Feature which I like the most is its no box springs. This f;eature will help you in extending the life of any foam, latex, or spring mattress. Another good feature is the foot board, which can help you to keep the proper positioning of the feet. By foot board, you will not have to worry about foot drop. The foot board will help you in maintaining good posture.


  • Metal and Wood Design
  • Durable
  • No box spring
  • 5 years limited warranty
  • Not pre-assembled
  • Only 5″ off the ground


2.     DHP Dakota Wooden bed frames with storage

DHP Dakota Upholstered Faux Leather Platform Bed with Storage Drawers - Queen Size (Black)
  • Contemporary and chic bed frame with under bed storage and...
  • Queen bed dimensions: 86”L x 64.5”W x 38“H; Drawer...
  • Ideal for small space living. Contains 4 built-in plastic...
  • Comes with metal side rails, center metal rail and...
  • Includes wooden slats system that allows air circulation for...

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Let’s say you wake from the bed and you look for your sleepers but you cannot find them. Moreover, you also look for the socks and you come to know that you have lost it so you are now left with a pair of socks with different colors.

In order to save you from this trouble, this black wooden bed frame has built-in storage compartments under the bed so, when you wake up you can easily open it and look for the things which you need when you get off from the bed.

One of the best features I like most is air circulation, which can give you the night’s rest you desire. You should also know that this product has a contemporary and chic bed frame wood with a button-tufted diamond style at the headboard.

Its headboard is made up of comfy material so, you can easily side on your side and its headboard will give you the comfort you want. By this, you can easily read any book or surf the web by resting your back on to the headboard.


  • Button-tufted diamond detailing
  • Durable
  • Upholstered Headboard
  • Air circulation
  • Not pre-assembled
  • Not available in Kingsize
  • Center support is delicate


3.     Zinus Mia Light Wood Bed Frame

ZINUS Mia Metal Platform Bed Frame with Headboard / Wood Slat Support / No Box Spring Needed / Easy Assembly, Full
  • STURDY DESIGN - Made entirely of steel framework, this...
  • NO BOX SPRING NEEDED - Reliable and closely spaced wood...
  • EASY ASSEMBLY - All parts, tools and instructions are...
  • Worry-free 5 year limited warranty included; mattress sold...

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Let’s say you are in the middle of the night you change your position but when you do that the bed makes a noise and by this, you wake up. Walking up from this can really be daunting. So, this bed has a special feature to prevent the noise.

This feature is due to its foam-padded tape which is placed on the steel frame. You should also know that in order to prevent slipping of mattress it comes with wooden slats. With 10 wood slats, it will give you the utmost rest and ensuring the health of the mattress simultaneously.

Another good feature is that it supports a weight of 1200 lbs. It is a simple design and suits most of the bedroom set. It also provides easy to get in and off feature which will help you to sleep instantly and get off the bed.


  • Has 10 wood slats for increases mattress life
  • Durable
  • Foam padded tape
  • 5 years limited warranty
  • Not pre-assembled
  • Don’t have Upholstered Headboard
  • Center support is delicate


4.     Zinus Gerard Solid Wood Queen Bed Frame, Full Size Wooden Bed Frame

Zinus Gerard Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed Frame / Mattress Foundation / Wood Slat Support / No Box Spring Needed / Easy Assembly, Full
  • TALL, DARK & HANDSOME - Make an impression without screaming...
  • DURABLE & FUNCTIONAL - Steel framework and foam padding add...
  • NO BOX SPRING NEEDED - Durable wood slats support and extend...
  • Dimensions and Weight: 75" X 54" X 17.35", 84.9 lbs ||...
  • EASY ASSEMBLY – Everything you need is efficiently packed...

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Let’s say that you are having a coffee and reading a book in the bed. You lean on the headboard in order to support your back and accidentally you drop the coffee on the bed. Of course, you have to change the seats but what about the wooden bed frames.

Zinus bed frame comes with leather covering thus, providing easy cleaning of the wooden bed frames. So, it will not only give you easy cleaning but it will give your room a sophisticated design. Moreover, if you have other further who also have leather covering so, considering this can give you a matching option.

Another important feature is its foam padding which helps you to lean back to the comfortable headboard to read something or to surf the web. You should also know that it is very durable due to its durable wood slats which support and extend the life of your foam.

If you have a habit of storing things under the bed then, this black bed frame will provide you under bed clearing space of 9.8 inches.  In addition to space, it can also bear large weights. Its twin size can support a weight of 250lbs. You can find this wooden bed frames in many sizes such as full size wooden bed frame, queen wooden bed frame, twin, king and so on.


  • Espresso faux leather
  • Durable with comfort
  • No box spring needed
  • 5 years limited warranty
  • Not pre-assembled
  • Don’t have a foot board
  • Noisy


5.     Zinus Arnav Queen Size Wooden bed Frame

ZINUS Arnav Metal Platform Bed Frame with Headboard / Wood Slat Support / No Box Spring Needed / Easy Assembly, Queen
  • STRONG IN STATURE AND STYLE - Made with a look that’s...
  • STURDY DESIGN - Made entirely of steel framework, this...
  • NO BOX SPRING NEEDED - Reliable and closely spaced wood...
  • EASY ASSEMBLY - All parts, tools and instructions are...
  • Worry-free 5 year limited warranty included; mattress sold...

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Let’s say that you are on a budget and you cannot square your budget more. So, don’t worry you can still have the best cheap bed frame. No matter where you are on a budget you can still have queen size wooden bed frame, wooden bed frame full, wooden bed frames king, and so on.

Besides being cheap it gives strong mattress support with 10 wood slats. Which is there to prevent sagging, ultimately increases mattress life. Another important feature to look for is its steel headboard and frame for providing toughness it also has a clearance of 7 inches.

One of the best features which I like the most is its, foam-padded tape which reduces the noise. Besides foam padded tape it also has non-slip tape which keeps your mattress from moving.

You should also know that its twin size can support the weight of 250lbs and its king-size can support the weight up to 500 lbs.


  • 10 wood slats
  • Steel headboard and frame
  • Foam padded tape & non-slip tape
  • 5 years limited warranty
  • Not pre-assembled
  • Don’t have a foot board
  • Don’t have Upholstered Headboard


6.     AmazonBasics Foldable, Cheap Wood Bed Frames

Amazon Basics Foldable, 14" Black Metal Platform Bed Frame with Tool-Free Assembly, No Box Spring Needed - Queen
  • Product Dimensions: 80" L x 60" W x 14" H | Weight: 45.6...
  • Designed for sleepers up to 250 pounds
  • Queen platform bed frame offers a quiet, noise-free,...
  • Folding mechanism makes the frame easy to store and move in...
  • Provides extra under-the-bed storage space with a vertical...

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Let’s say you have ordered something which requires assembling but due to some reasons you fail to assemble it correctly or some screws got disappear somewhere. So, keeping this in mind Olee Sleep has come up with a bed frame that doesn’t require any tool for assembling.

The feature I like the most is its folding mechanism. Not only it is easy to assemble but you can also have this cheap wood bed frames. This can also help you store the frame in any place you like when you do not need it. So, this potable feature makes it easy to use and to store. Moreover, if you travel a lot and you don’t want to sleep in the hotel bed, then you can also take your bed with you.

Another feature that I like the most is its vertical clearance of 13 inches as it gives you the storage place underneath the bed. Besides, being portable is also durable because of its steel material and it can also bear a weight of 250pounds. This portable and easy to set up the bed frame comes in two sizes 14 inches and 18 inches.


  • Folding mechanism
  • Steel frame
  • the vertical clearance of about 13 inches
  • easy setup with no tools required
  • Hold weight up to 250 pounds
  • No headboard
  • Don’t have foot board and headboard
  • Not returnable


7.     DHP Rosedale Canopy Bed Frame

DHP Rosedale Metal 4 Poster Canopy Bed with Crisscross Headboard and Footboard - Queen (Gold)
  • Sleek and modern design in a sturdy metal structure
  • Four-poster canopy bed with crisscross headboard and...
  • Product Dimensions: 85" L x 63.5" W x 72" H, 91.5 lbs
  • Weight limit: 500 lbs
  • Add curtains for a serene look, curtains not included

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One of the best features I like most is its Four-poster Canopy, which can help you in having serene look by hanging a curtain on it. The canopy bed was first used by lords so, if you want to feel like a load you can have this bed.

Despite its trivial use, you can use it because of its design of crisscross at the headboard and foot board. If you have children at home then it is impossible to stop them from jumping the bed so, taking this into consideration this bed comes with sturdy construction.

Another good feature is that it does not have any pointy thing. So, it is safe for children at home. It also comes in two colors and its wooden bed frame queen can support the weight up to 500lbs.


  • Canopy bed design
  • Steel frame
  • Add curtains for a serene look
  • Hold weight up to 500lbs.
  • Available in Black, White, and Gold
  • Don’t have Upholstered Headboard
  • Difficult to assemble


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A Perfect Guide To Help you choose

Adding a wooden bed frame to your bedroom is not easy because you need to consider many things before getting the best one for you. You can really enhance the beauty of your bedroom by having the perfect one. You will not use the best wooden bed frames only for sleeping purposes but you will also need it for reading your favorite book and for surfing the web.

There are many things which you need to consider before buying a wooden bed frames. Some people prefer buying wood bed frames and some prefer steel bed frames so, based on the requirements bed frames have many types.

Moreover, before choosing the best one you need to know the price, style, material, warranty, dimension, Durability, assembling, and washable property. So, if you want to know more about bed frames then let’s get started.


Before buying the wooden bed frames you first need to consider its size. The best bed frame should blend naturally in the room. Moreover, the size is not completely standardized. So, you have to look for the sizes when you are considering different manufacturer brands.

Another thing to consider is that, if you are two people who are going to share the bed then try to have a bed which can fit both persons easily. If you are choosing a properly sized bed for two people then choose a bed which enables you to lie down easily, side by side, without touching each other.


Of course, price is another important thing to consider. Price varies with the styles and material of the frame. Bed frames come in different materials like leather bed frame, wooden bed frames, and metal bed frame. Generally, Metal bed frames are the least expensive, then comes wood bed frame and you can say the most expensive ones are leather bed frame.

Bed frame types

There are two major types of bed frames which include box spring bed and platform bed. A Boxspring bed provides more softness while a platform bed provides firmness, harness, and support to your mattress. In general, Platform beds are cheaper than box spring ones.

Bed frames are in solid wood bed frame, natural wood bed frame, simple wood bed frame, and modern wood bed frame. You can also find different styles of bed frames the styles are antique wooden bed frames, rustic wooden bed frames, and solid wood bed frames.

Headboard and foot board

The headboard proves more comfort because with a headboard you can rest your back on the bed. On the other hand, the foot board supports your body shape and prevents you to slip off from the bed.

Headboard and foot board can come with upholstering, but some bed frames come with no upholstering and cushion for giving you more comfort.

There are also Special Bed Frames

There are other many types of bed stand available in the market which includes low bed frames, sleigh bed frame, four-poster bed frame, and canopy bed frame, and so on.

So, first, you have to see which type of bed you require after determining your requirement you can reach your conclusion and after that, you can buy the best one for you.


Bed frames come in 2 materials and two comfort providing features.

Wood bed frame

Wooden bed frames can easily be found in any color you want. Moreover, it saves you from the property of rust and they are pretty much durable just as metal bed frames. Wood bed frames can also come with upholstering hence giving you the comfort you want.

If you don’t require a headboard and a foot board then you can also choose a wooden bed frames. So, a wood bed frame has all the styles you want.

Metal bed frame

Metal frames are considered durable. Just as wooden bed frames it also has many different styles and colors. You can also choose from different sizes of metal bed frames.

Wood and Metal bed frame

You can also choose a bed frame which contains both materials. So, there are bed frames that have wood as headboard and foot board, a structure made up of metal.

Leather Bedframe

The bed frame also comes in leather and it is expensive than wood and metal. So, leather bed frames are easily washable and are stylish.

Upholstered For Comfort

Bed frame with headboard and foot board can come with upholstering so, if you want a bed with comfort at your priority then try to look for a bed with a headboard. The headboard is usually upholstered and cushions are there to give you a comfortable experience.

Assembling of Bed Frames

Before choosing the one try to look at its assembling because some, bed frames can be difficult to assemble. There are also bed frames that come pre-assembled. Some bed frames can be folded into compact form for storage mostly these beds are used for guests.

Foldable beds can also be used as a common bed. Foldable beds are usually metal beds with foldable joints.

Is it Washable?

Of course, you don’t want your bed frame to get dusty and stained so before you also have to take this under your consideration. Most leather bed frames provide easy to wash feature. So, if you are looking for this feature choosing the leather bed frame can help you. Moreover, there are also wood and metal frames which have a special coating on them in order to provide easy to wash feature.


Warranty is another important thing to consider. Mostly the bed frame comes with a warranty of 5 years limited. And with this warranty, you also get a replaceable warranty but some beds will not give you the ease of replacement and 5 years warranty so, if the warranty is not mentioned then, it will mean that manufacturer is not going to provide you any support in case of damage.


Are wooden or metal bed frames better?

The choice totally depends on you. If you are considering durability then you can go for the metal bed frame and if you are a wood fan then you can choose the wood bed frame. Both types of material are durable and sturdy. Both come in different attractive styles.

How long do wooden bed frames last?

Manufacturers give a warranty of 5 years limited. So, it is supposed to last for 5 years but it totally depends upon your usage. If you use it roughly then you are decreasing its life span. On the other hand, if you use it right you can extend its life beyond 5 years.

Do you need to assemble bed frames?

Yes, you need to assemble most bed frames, and all the materials which you need for assembling will be included in the package. On the other hand, you can also have a bed frame that doesn’t require assembling. Some bed frames are also foldable. So, after using it you can easily fold.

Which wood is best for the bed frame?

Pinewood is usually used for wooden bed frames. The manufacturer can also use other types of wood.


After going the reviews of top wooden bed frames  you may have ample idea of choosing the right bed frames. However, choosing the wrong one can give you long time dissatisfaction. On the other hand, choosing the right one can make you happy for a long time.

After going through the list, now it is time to make up your mind. You can make up your mind by knowing what you really want after keeping that in mind you can easily narrow down your search. Take into consideration the things which I have mentioned in the buyer’s guide.

Of course, I am here to guide you in choosing the best wooden bed frames among the many that are available on the market. If you are still not sure then you can read the guide again and this time try to keep a paper and pen with you.