How To Clean a Black Wood Cutting Board – Safe From Germs

Wood cutting board is one of the most used tools in the kitchen. Almost every kitchen tool is more than 1 in number, except the wood cutting board. Despite its extensive use, only 1 wood cutting board is required in one’s kitchen. According to the research conducted by the University of Arizona concluded that the average cutting board has 200 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.

Now can you imagine using a toilet seat for making your meal? Of course not! So, the question arises how to clean a black wood cutting board? The answer is not simple as I would say that throw it into the dishwasher.  Wood cutting board is the kitchen tool that you cannot let your dishwasher wash it.

black wood cutting board

Despite worrying about the bacteria fostering up on black wood cutting boards keeping a black wood cutting board clean can also increase its life and utility. Cleaning of the cutting board should be done by hand because if you put it into the dishwasher. It will expose to heat and water and due to this cutting board can warp out of shape and eventually it will have cracks. Cracks are also there for harboring bacteria and viruses.

Fortunately cleaning a black wood cutting board is not as hard as you think. For easy cleaning of your cutting board you should make your habit of cleaning it just after your finish using it. Cleaning in this way will stop stains and water going into the board. For an easy wash just scrub the board and check if any food particle is left on the board or not. It is recommended that you rinse it well to remove excess soap.

How to Disinfect Cutting Board

Washing the cutting board is one thing and disinfecting it is another. Sanitizing of the wood cutting board helps to prevent the growing bacteria on the board. Research has found that wood cutting board is good for keeping germs away but you have to know what wood type is good for avoiding germs attacks.

Cutting board made from closed-grain wood can help to keep the germs away only if you wash it properly. The wood type is usually like cherry or walnut. On the other hand, you should avoid open-grain wood as they can harbor bacteria like oak or ash.

Naturally available disinfectant is white vinegar mixed with water. Vinegar is an acid that can disinfect by killing bacteria and mold. Moreover, the growth of such harmful substances can be ceased by using vinegar. Vinegar is recommended because it has no smell and it can also help to remove the smell of your wood cutting board.

You can either apply it directly or you can spray the solution on the board. If you want to make a spray of it try to add 4 parts of water and 1 part of vinegar. If you hear that bleach is also good for disinfecting then keep in mind that do not mix vinegar with bleach.  After applying vinegar with water let the cutting board air-cooled.

You can dry your wood cutting board by using a drying towel or you can let it air-cooled. Letting the cutting board socked in water can warp it and eventually it can break.

Simple Way to know How to Clean Wood Cutting Board?

There is a simple way to know how to clean wood cutting board. First, cleaning your cutting board instantly after its use is very good for your board and for you. Of course, there are many ways to clean a cutting board but the following is the way to disinfect and to clean the board simultaneously.

You have to take a cup of baking powder and sprinkle it on the board, then to disinfect it pour a cup of white vinegar on the board. After letting it stay on the cutting boards for a few minutes then rinse it. If you want to go too far then you can apply special food-grade mineral oil which prevents water to penetrate into the cutting board. You can apply such oil to your board and let it sit over night.

How To Clean A Black Wood Cutting Board?

If you want to know how to clean a black wood cutting board then don’t worry there are many DIY ways from which you can remove the stains. One way is to use hydrogen peroxide or baking soda. These two solutions can remove the hard stains which might persist on your black wood cutting board. If you choose to use baking soda then sprinkle some baking soda on your cutting board. After applying baking soda pour warm water on some cloth and start scrubbing the stained area with the cloth.

If you try the above DIY solution and failed in achieving the result then try hydrogen peroxide. Use a diluted form of hydrogen peroxide on your cutting board. Apply the hydrogen peroxide on the cloth and start scrubbing the stained area after scrubbing let it dry for a little while.

How to Clean a Black Wood Cutting Board with Lemon and Salt

If you have a tough stain that is not being removed from the above techniques then you can also apply salt and lemon solution. Coarse salts such as kosher salt and lemon are used to remove the stains of the cutting board.  The technique to remove a stain with salt and lemon is explained below.

  • Apply salt to the stained area.
  • Cut the lemon in half and rub the stained area.

The idea is that the acid from the lemon will combine with the salt giving the solution stain-removing property. Note that if you have a deep stain then this technique will not work. In most cases of a deep stain, the user replaces its cutting board with a new one.


If you Notice Stain Wash it Quickly

If you want to avoid deep stains then it is recommended that you wash the black wood cutting board instantly if you notice any stain. If you have a deep stain then you can try using sandpaper for removing deep stains but if you have a stain on the upper layer then apply above mentioned techniques.

How to Care for Wood Cutting Board?

You should know how to care for wood cutting board and you can do it by avoiding socking a cutting wood board into the water for a long time. Water can penetrate into the board and can cause swelling of the wooden board. This makes black wood cutting board weak and it can break easily.

Don’t dry it only from the base of the cutting board instead let it air-cooled evenly. It is made of wood so it can swell up and can contract so it is a normal process doesn’t panic if you observe swelling of the cutting board. Drying it evenly means that you use a cloth for drying when you dry it the air will rush into the board and will evaporate the socked water in the wood due to which the board will come back to its original position.

Socking a cutting board too long can swell it way more than it usually can. This can warp the shape and by this, the glue can no longer stick the board together eventually the board will break. So, avoid having it underwater for too long.

How to Treat Wood Cutting Board?

If you want to know how to treat wood cutting board  it Is difficult to remove knife marks you can rub the sandpaper on it but it will not give you the new look. The only way to avoid having knife marks is by using food-grade oil on the cutting board.

You can have such oil right from the amazon. Not only it will work to avoid knife marks but it will also help to increase the life of your cutting board. Moreover, it repels the water from entering in the cutting board. This oil will also dry the cutting board easily.

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The disadvantage of using such oils is that you have to apply it often. More specific you have to apply the food-grade oil once in a week and let it socked in throughout the night.

How to Make a Wood Cutting Board?

Food grade oil can also prevent the cutting board from stinking but if you have an old stinky board then you can remove the stink by applying vinegar solution. There are many DIY ways to know how to make a wood cutting board and how to remove the stink some ways are explained above which will not only help in removing the stain but these ways can also help to remove the stink.

If the above-mentioned ways failed in removing the stink then you should keep in mind that the stinking thing has penetrated the wood and it is now settled in the wood. So the option for you is to change your wood cutting board.

If you want to avoid stink you should keep a spray of vinegar with you all the time. You can spray the vinegar solution just after you finishing cutting the things from your black wood cutting board. The health and lifetime of your black wood cutting board can be increased if you keep in mind the things mentioned above.

What is The Best Wood for a Cutting Board

It was believed that plastic cutting boards were more hygienic than wood cutting boards but the researchers have found that wood cutting boards are more hygienic than a plastic cutting board. However, you need to know what is the best wood for a cutting board. To know this you need to know the types of wood. The research was conducted by monitoring various bacterial actions. It was found that wood cutting boards provide more resistance to bacteria as compared to plastic.


Q. How often should you clean a black wood cutting board?

Ans. You should clean your black wood cutting board after every cutting especially if you are cutting meat. If you delay washing your cutting board then it can develop some odor which will be hard to eliminate. Sometimes due to the lack of instant washing you use a dishwasher for washing your black wood cutting board. Washing a black wood cutting board with a dishwasher is not recommended because constant water and heat can warp the wood. So, it is recommended that you clean your headboard the instant you cut something on it.

Q. Can you remove Oil stains from the black wood cutting board?

Ans.  Yes, you can remove oil stains from the wood cutting board by apply some DIY solution which I have mentioned above. If you want to avoid the stains then you can follow prevention techniques but if you already have stains on your cutting board then you should apply the techniques to remove them.

Q. How do you clean and treat a black wood cutting board?

Ans. There are many ways to clean and teat a wood cutting board one of which is washing and drying instantly after its use. You can also use special food-grade oils to keep your black wood cutting board healthy and clean.

Q. Can you remove scratches from the black wood cutting board?

Ans. If you have an old black wood board with scratches then it is difficult to remove starches but you can avoid having scratches by acting upon the number of ways mentioned in the article. Scratches can harbor many bacteria so, it is very important to get rid of scratches from the black wood cutting board.

Q. Which stains you can remove from the cutting board?

You can remove mold and black stains from your wood cutting board. These stains are there if you don’t wash your cutting board regularly. You can save your cutting board from stains only if you clean it properly on and on time. If the stairs penetrate into the board then it would become difficult to remove. In such cases, any stain type cannot be removed easily from the cutting board.


The kitchen usually contains tools that are present in more than one pair but the wood cutting board is that tool that is not present in plenty. The normal kitchen would have only one cutting board. Cutting boards can be of many types base on its material. like they can be made of plastic or other material.

The most used cutting board is black wood cutting board as according to the most research is more hygienic. Due to its use, it can harbor many bacteria so, you have to wash it. Washing it is not as easy as putting it into the dishwasher. Rather, you have to wash it by yourself. Fortunately, washing it by hand is not as difficult as you think.

You can easily wash it if you make it a habit of washing it after preparing every meal. Washing it regularly can keep it good for many years. There are also many special oils available in the market which helps to increase the life of black wood cutting boards.