Top 11 Best Black Wood Headboards Reviews – You’ll Love them

Having a best bedroom décor shows your taste of style. Having black wood headboards will surely add more versatility to the home bedroom style. Headboard can make your bed more unique and appealing. Modern interior designers consider having a headboard as an essential furniture item.

A bed is the most important thing of your house. So, you should carefully select the headboard for your bed. Let’s say that you are in a luxurious hotel and everything is top-notch like walls are covered with eye-catching wallpaper, sleek design furniture is present, the bed is luxurious king-size but without a headboards. Will it seem right to you?

In addition to the esthetic look which headboard provides to your room décor. Headboard also keeps the mattress in a stagnant place. It will also help you to sit back easily and enjoy the beautiful words of your favorite book or you can enjoy using the phone by having support from the headboards.

black wood headboard

Choosing a headboard is very difficult because there are so many different styles, designs, wooden types available in the market. The idea of having the best black wood headboard is good only if you know what would be best for your bedroom. Of course, I will help you in picking up the best wooden products out for you.

Here are the top best headboard Reviews.

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Lucid: Upholstered Headboard, Solid Wooden Headboards

LUCID Mid-Rise Upholstered Headboard-Adjustable Height from 34” to 46”, King/Cal King, Stone
  • Upholstered with linen inspired fabric, available in...
  • Frame is made of solid Siberian Larch wood for high quality...
  • Headboard fits most bed frames or bases and comes with...
  • Headboard height adjusts in 2 inch increments ranging from...
  • Backed by lifetime limited warranty, spot clean only

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Let’s say that you have a habit of reading a book or surfing the web by sitting back to your bed then you would need an upholstered headboard because it will provide comfort to your back. In addition to providing comfort level upholstered headboard also provides a unique design to your bedroom.

One of the best things I like the most is its comfortable upholstering which comes in 3 different styles. All these styles come in chic design and you can easily blend in any room décor. Moreover, there are more options in addition to the black best wooden headboard. You can choose from 6 different colors.

You should also know that it comes in different sizing so you can have king, queen, Twin, or Full headboards. Its wood is also very sturdy and it is made up of Larch solid wood. Another best feature is its lifetime limited warranty.

Another best feature is its fitting. It easily fits in standard bed frames and basses usually headboards come with pre-drilled legs and modification plates due to which you can easily adjust it according to your bed size. You should know that this solid wood queen headboard has the option of wall mounting. Mounting option will let you adjust it according to your preferred size.


  • Upholstered
  • 3 styles (Diamond, Nailhead, Trim Square Tufting)
  • Solid Siberian Larch wood
  • Adjustable height 34 inches to 46 inches
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Assembling required


Kerns best Wood Works: Rustic Wooden Headboards King

Kerns Wood Works New King Gray Rustic Headboard - Sanded Edges
  • rustic, country living, headboard, chic, modern, furniture,...

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If you are looking for a simple wood design headboard then this headboard is simple enough to satisfy your need. This king headboard is king-sized and it has an elegant rustic wood design. Due to its simplicity, it can easily blend in a normal bedroom setting.

One of the best features I like the most is its wood material. This material will help you to avoid any bed bugs and other pest attacks. This black wood headboard is not upholstered so, any form of pest infestation can be avoided in this way. Moreover, a rustic wooden headboard can enhance the beauty of the room.

You should also know that this wooden headboard has sanded edges and on the front, you will not see any screw and bolts. You will only see an elegant headboard because screens and other things will be on the back on mounting. It is wall mounted so, it will not need any legs to support the wooden headboard.

You should also know that it comes in three different colors which are grey, black, and brown. The headboard is hand stained and hand-finished. You will get a step by step instruction to assemble this back wooden headboard. The only thing to remember is that two persons are required for assembling.


  • Elegant design
  • Rustic Finishing
  • Sanded edges
  • Wall Mounting
  • Require Assembling


Magnussen Bellamy: Carved Wooden Headboards

Magnussen Bellamy Traditional Peppercorn Queen Panel Shaped Headboard
  • Materials: Pine Solids, Pine Veneer
  • Finish: A rustic Peppercorn finish enhances the textured,...
  • Shaped headboard with heavy crown moulding details and soft...
  • Carved scroll architectural details
  • Compatible with most universal metal bed frames

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Carved wood can glorify the room décor. This headboard comes with an elegant carving on the headboard. This carved scroll can provide architectural details and if you are a carved wood admirer then you will love the design.

One of the best features I like the most is its finishing. It has a rustic Peppercorn finish which can enhance the texture and details of the carving present on the headboard. In addition to the texture, the headboard has heavy crown modeling details and it also has soft edges

It is a universal queen-sized headboard and it normally fits the queen headboards easily. The material is Pewter and has round curves. If you have other furniture which is round, then this black wood headboard will perfectly fit your room décor.

Another important thing is that it can be mounted on the wall or you can have it mounted on the wood or on metal beds. Its rich black color can easily blend in with any room décor.  If you have other wood furniture in your room then a headboard can also enhance the beauty of other furniture.


  • Rustic Peppercorn Finishing
  • Crown Molding Details
  • Carved wood design
  • Elegant Design
  • Queen Size Compatible
  • Require Assembling
  • No Cushion and Upholstering


King Ebony: Wooden Headboard for Wall

King Ebony Rustic, Chic Wood Headboard
  • rustic, country living, headboard, chic, modern,

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Let’s say that you have a custom bed frame and you find it difficult to put a headboard on the bed frame. So, you look for something which is generic and can be used in any bed type. This bed frame can be used in any customized bed size because it can easily hang on the wall. Wall mounting technique saves you from vibrating unbalanced headboard legs.

One of the best features I like the most is its sleek design. Its design lets no screws to be visible on the front side of the headboard so this technique allows the black wood headboard to blend in with every room décor. You can also apply a stain to your headboard. If you apply a black stain, then you will see that stain has different colors on different wood slates and this is another important feature of this black wood headboard.


  • hand-stained and finished
  • Elegant Design
  • Less Time For Assembling
  • Wall Mounting
  • Require Assembling
  • No Cushion and Upholstering


Reclaimed Wood Headboards – Queen Headboard for Platform Bed

Rustic Farmhouse Headboard - Full/Wood Reclaimed Headboard/Modern/Urban/Cottage Headboard
  • 100% Solid Wood
  • Eco-friendly Stain & Finish
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Hardware & Easy Assembly incl.
  • Attaches to Standard Bed Frame

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Let’s say that you want to give your room an urban cottage style then I would recommend this black wood headboard to you. Its reclaimed wood blends in almost every room décor and its black color suits most of the furniture available in the room.

One of the best features I like the most is its eco-friendly stain and finishing. This eco-friendly stain will not make any kind of smell. Moreover, if you want to contribute in making your world safe for your children then you should consider having eco-friendly materials. Such materials also are non-toxic in nature so this feature is there for keeping you and your family safe.

Another important feature is that you don’t have to perform wall mounting. This saves you from the hectic job of mounting. It has legs so you can easily place the headboard on the back of your bed. This non-mounting technique will save you from the hardship of assembling. Its assembling is easy as compared to once with wall mounting. You should also know you can easily attach this headboard to any standard bed frame.


  • 100% Solid Wood
  • Eco-friendly Stain & Finishing
  • Handcrafted
  • For Standard Bed Frame
  • Require Assembling
  • No Cushion and Upholstering


Ashley Furniture: Black Wooden Headboards King

Signature DESIGN BY ASHLEY Furniture - Shay King Poster Headboard Panel - Component Piece - Almost Black
  • COMPONENT PIECE ONLY: Compatible with other Shay items, sold...
  • KING POSTER HEADBOARD: Make a stylish impression with this...
  • DIRECT FROM THE MANUFACTURER: Ashley Furniture goes the...
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Designed and manufactured by Ashley...

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You would know that the bed is the most important component of your bedroom. So, you should give more importance to it. Best Black wood headboard king can enhance the beauty of your bed by providing the bed with the head support which it may lack. This black wood headboard is bulky enough to grab the viewer’s eye.

The important feature of this headboard is that it is large enough to make a difference. This headboard catcher’s viewer’s eye and one cannot leave without praising such headboards. The best feature I like the most is its stylish impression. The stylish impression is due to the engineered wood. With its boxes and pillar design, you will feel like you are sleeping on a throne.

You should also know that you can either have a full bed frame or you can either have footboard or headboard separately. This headboard comes with a user manual from which you can assemble your headboard. The black wood headboard is not wall mounted so you can place it wherever you like. Moreover, you will be saved from the hectic job of wall mounting.


  • Stylish
  • Rich Design
  • Easy Assembling
  • King-sized
  • Made of Engineered Wood
  • Require Assembling
  • Works Best for Shay items


Wood Panel Headboard – Black Twin Headboard Wood

Farmhouse Style Wood Panel Headboard in Black - Twin Size
  • This rustic Glenwillow Home Farmhouse Panel headboard will...
  • Beautiful painted finish and pre-assembled wood decorative...
  • Pre-drilled holes make it a breeze to attach this headboard...
  • Bottom of farmhouse headboard panel sits 19.9" off floor
  • The Farmhouse headboard ships flat right to your door;...

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The bedroom is the place where you can relax yourself and feel away from the world. In order to maximize your experience, you can consider this wood panel headboard because it has a sleek country design. With its country feel you can feel the ultimate relaxation which you are looking for.

One of the best things I like the most is it’s preassembling. Due to pre-assembling, you will be saved from the hectic job of putting everything together. Sometimes, the assembling can get too difficult so in that case, pre-assembled things are hailed. It also comes with charming painted finishing. With the paint and decorative panels, you will get the barn feel.

You should also know that also has pre-drilled holes that make it easy to attach the headboard to almost any bolt present on the bed frame. Moreover, mounting hardware is also included in this package. So, by this, you can see that how easy it is to have it installed.

Its slim design is very important to consider because there are some wooden headboards which are too bulky. Their sleek design loses its charm when you place such headboards in small rooms.


  • Sleek and Slim Design
  • Easy Installation
  • Country Feeling
  • Wood Panel Headboard
  • No Cushion and Upholstering


David Francis Dalby – Cheap Twin Headboards

Inspired by David Francis Dalby Headboard, Twin, Black (EB450-TBLAC)
  • Solid hand constructed Rattan
  • Rawhide bindings
  • This headboard is not pre-drilled for attachment to a bed...
  • Hand finished

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Let’s say that you are sitting on a bed and you there is no room for air. In such a condition, you can feel difficulty in sitting against the headboard. Keeping this in mind the cheap twin headboard is crafted. This black wood headboard is not only cheap but it also provides a sleek design. If you are on a budget and you want a sleek design for your bedroom then I would recommend this to you.

One of the best things I like the most is its material that is solid hand-constructed rattan. This material is used because it is usually strong in nature and can provide durability. Another important thing is its Rawhide bindings. This binding technique is specially done to prove this headboard its unique texture.

You should know that all the things are made by hand. Moreover, it can be easily installed but you have to drill it for yourself. With this feature you can have it installed on any twin bed you like.  The triangular pattern will provide air to your back as well as style for your room.


  • Sleek Design
  • Hand Constructed
  • Hard finished
  • Legs For easy supporting and standing
  • Require Assembling
  • No Cushion and Upholstering


ECom Rocket: Black Wooden Headboard Queen

Modern Style Full/Queen Headboard (54"/60"), Sleek, Contemporary Headboard, Stately Design, Adds Instant Elegance to Almost Any Setting, Extra Tall Height, Ideal for Lounging Against + Expert Guide
  • Add modern style to almost any setting with the Full/Queen...
  • The queen mattress headboard, multiple finishes features...
  • The extra-tall height makes it ideal for lounging against....
  • Product dimensions: 64"L x 3"D x 46"H.
  • All customers receive our Expert Guide about Home...

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One of the best features I like the most is its multiple finishing which helps to give the room a sleek look. This multiple finishing has geometrical lines which makes it a unique design. Its style is there to add elegance to the room décor.  Its finishing is so smooth and elegant that it attracts the viewer’s eye.

You should know that it has extra height due to its height it easily blends in with existing décor.  Its height can increase the beauty of your bed. It is a black wood headboard queen sized so, its high height will be quite noticeable. It can blend easily to almost any bed frame queen size.

Another best feature is its price that helps you to have a unique styled headboard even if you are on a budget. This headboard also has a curvy design which is good because it saves you from any potential injuries. You should also know that this headboard is not for wall mounting and it is free-standing.

Freestanding ability of the bed will let you to have control of adjusting the bed according to your own choice. Moreover, a free-standing choice can save you from the hectic job of mounting. This mounting requires more time as compared to a free-standing one.


  • Sleek Curvy Design
  • Easy on budget
  • Hard Multi finishing
  • Legs For easy supporting and standing
  • Require Assembling
  • No Cushion and Upholstering


SLEEPLACE: Upholstered Headboard

SLEEPLACE Deluxe Upholstered Faux Leather Steel with Button Black Headboard HB-2000 (FULL)
  • Fully upholstered in foam padded faux Leather with deep...
  • Intended to be versatile for modern bed Styles
  • Faux Leather cover - simply wipe clean with a soft cloth
  • Easy assembly
  • Headboard only (free headboard bracket modification plates...

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Let’s say that you are on a budget and you still want a comfy headboard then I would recommend this to you. It promises comfort due to its foam-padded faux leather upholstering. In addition to the comfort level, it has a deep inset sleek button design that easily blends in almost any room décor.

You should also know that the modern bed design is kept in mind during the manufacturing of this black headboard. Headboard also contains modification plates that let you to easily adjust the headboard to your bedframe.

Another good feature is it’s easy to clean features. This feature will help you to not bother about stains. You can easily clean the stains of your headboard due to its faux leather covering. It is recommended that you use a damped cloth to wipe any stains on the headboard.

This twin-sized headboard will help you to enjoy the words of the author of your favorite book or you can enjoy surfing the web without hurting your back. You should know that it is free-standing in nature and it doesn’t require wall mounting. This will help you to easily install the headboard to your bed frame.


  • Upholstered with foam padding
  • Faux Leather
  • Deep inset buttons for sleek Design
  • Easy cleaning
  • Difficult to keep it in place
  • Not for all twin beds


Flash Furniture: Padded Headboard

Flash Furniture Bedford Tufted Upholstered Queen Size Headboard in Black Fabric
  • If your bed isn’t dressed up with a headboard, your room...
  • Black fabric upholstered panel headboard, Headboard Size:...
  • Black metal stands with adjustable bed rail slots
  • Contemporary style headboard
  • PRODUCT MEASUREMENTS >>> Overall Size: 61.5"W x 2.5"D x...

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In modern times it is difficult to imagine a bed without a headboard. The headboard is very important for not only the décor but also for your comfort level.  Statistics have shown that people who use a laptop or tablet in their bed are increasing day by day

One of the best features I like the most is its different styles. You can choose from 3 different styling options. In addition to this, you can also choose from different colors. No matter which size of bed you want flash furniture will provide you with 3 styles of your liking.

You should also know that it has adjustable bed rail slots which help to adjust the headboard easily with the bed frame. It is free standing in nature so this minimizes the assembling requirements. Moreover, this brand is famous for its commercial-grade quality.

Black headboard is chosen by people because it blends easily in room décor but if you have a bed frame of other colors other than black. You can choose other colors available to you. It also comes with an easy to follow user manual along with its 5 years limited warranty.


  • 11 different colors
  • 3-Upholstering Types
  • Esthetic Polyester, Foam, and fiber
  • Easy Adjustable Bed Rail Slots
  • 5-Years Warranty
  • No Return policy

Buyers Guide

wooden headboards can provide comfort to you and it can also provide flexibility to your bedroom. Some headboards are designed to be permanent on the wall these are wall-mounted wooden headboards. Some can be pushed against the wall without going through the hectic job of wall mounting.

Some can sit on their legs and some cannot. So, the headboard is available in many varieties finding the best one is a very hectic job. You need to know about all types of black wood headboard available in the market if you want to find out the best one for you.

Headboard is getting famous day by day and due to their popularity, a large number of varieties are getting available in the market. Headboard is now been seen as an essential part of the room décor. So, many interior designers are taking headboard as a must-have.

Now, let’s talk about which things you will require in order to get the best one for your bed frame. Diving further will help you in choosing out the best one for you and for your bed.

Types of Headboard

Black wood headboards are different due to their mounting techniques, material types, upholstering type, and sizes. First, we will talk about the different mounting techniques available for the wooden headboards.

Wall Mounting

This type of headboard is fixed to the wall and the bed frame is placed on the front of it. Wall-mounted headboards don’t move from its place and remain firm. The drawback of wall mounted headboard is that you cannot change the direction of your bed because you have to do your wall mounting again. Wall mounting is hard to do because it involves drilling and heavy labor.

Usually, two people are required for having wall mounting. Wall mounting also gives custom heights. You can mount the black wood headboard to any height you want. Moreover, wall-mounted wooden headboards are firm and they don’t move by moving the bed frame. A wall-mounted wooden headboard is seen as a part of the wall.

Without Wall Mounting

These best wooden headboards are not mounted on the wall rather there are legs upon which the headboard is standing freely. This un-mounting technique gives the flexibility of moving your bed to any place you like. You can easily place the legs to some other place you want your bed to be. In comparison with the wall-mounted headboard, it is easy to install.

Drawbacks of not wall mounting are that it will not remain stable rather it will shake if you shake your bed. Moreover, some wooden headboards also come with the pre-drilled holes for fixing into the bed frame. These sometimes do not fit to your bed frame.


Headboard with upholstering provides further comfort when you sit on your bed. If you have a habit of reading or surfing the web then you should consider having an upholstered headboard. Upholstered headboard contains certain padding which helps to support your back weight.

Upholstering is also of many types but three upholstering types are famous because of its design. You can choose different upholstering types according to your room décor.

Without Upholstering

Sometimes due to the padding upholstering can contain bed begs so if you want to avoid bed bugs at all cost you can choose a bed without upholstering. Moreover, you can find a lot of design if you choose a bed without upholstering.

Material Type

wooden headboards can be made up of many materials. But you should choose the sturdiest material. Material is very important as it is linked with durability. If your headboard is not durable you would have to face wear and tear. The following are the few important materials from which the headboard is usually made from.


Wood is an important material from which headboards are usually made from. Wood also has many different types. Different types of wood are there to give you different designs. Wood types include Reclaimed wooden headboard, rustic wood headboard, barn wood headboard, carved wood headboard slat headboard, and so on.


Head board is also made from a metal frame and sometimes wood and metal frames coexist. Metal headboards are usually considered more study than wood headboards but it is not usually true. Wood headboards can provide more sturdiness than a metal headboard.

Hand Made and Machine Made

Head boards can be made by the hands of men or can be made by machines. Machines made wood headboards usually have a common style and design whereas handmade are unique and you can also get one of its kind headboards.

Things to Consider Before Buying

There are many things to consider if you want to buy the best one. The following are the few things to consider before buying wood headboards.


Finishing is very important to consider because finishing enables the headboard to easily blend in with room décor. Finishing can be done by hand or by machine. Hand finishing is preferred by many because one of its kind things is prepared if you use hand finishing.

wood headboards are available in many finishing from which you can choose. Finishing is available in black, white, pink, and any other color which you can think of. This finishing can make your bedroom a piece of art.

Easy Cleaning

This feature is very important to consider because there will be the time when you accidentally spill things on your headboard during such times easy cleaning property will help you. If you don’t consider such property you will be left with unwashed stained on your headboard. A dirty headboard can destroy the look of your room so it’s better to have a headboard that is easy to clean.

Sanded Edges

You should look for sanded and round edges of the headboard because any pointy edges and un-sanded edges can be dangerous for you and for your children. If you have children at home save them from a splinter and from getting hurt.

Eco Friendly

This property of headboard is important to consider if you want to contribute to saving the earth. Moreover, if you don’t want to contribute you still have to consider this property because eco-friendly materials are not only safe from your environment but they are also safe for you.

Adjustable Headboard Size

This helps in the installation process because some bed frames do not support the wood headboards of all sizes. So, adjustable height helps in making your headboard a perfect fit for your bed frame.


Easy installation is very important to consider especially if you want to assemble it alone. Some wood headboards can be assembled by 2 persons so, if you are a single person you have to call another one for installing the headboard.


You have to first see what types of beds you have whether it is king-sized, queen-sized, and twin sized after determining the size you can have its headboard. Moreover, in addition to this, you need to measure the space if it fits according to the size listed on the product then have it.


Price is also very important to consider because the headboard is not a small investment. You need to see whether it will last long or not. If you are making a big investment then it had to last long. Price and quality is to be considered if you want to buy the best one.


Warranty is also very important to consider because if the company is taking responsibility after its purchase then you should think of having such a product. In case of any wear and tear, you can ask the company and the company can provide you with the repair or any replacement.


Which mounting is best for the headboard?

Ans.  If you want to fix your bed in one position then a wall mounting headboard will be good for you but if you change your room setting a lot then you should consider having a headboard with legs. Headboard with legs will help you in moving the headboard in any direction.

What is the preferred height for the headboard?

Ans. The headboard should be prominent enough to be seen easily by anyone. There is no preferred height for your headboard. Larger custom wood headboards are being made because of their demand. Larger wood headboards can make your bed look more promising so, many people follow the thumb rule that is the larger the headboard the beautiful is your bed.

Can you upholster a wooden headboard?

Ans. Yes, you can but the style of your wooden headboard will get changed due to upholstering. Moreover, there are many types of upholstering which you can choose. You can give upholstered your old wooden headboard if you like.

Is wood headboard better than metal headboard?

Ans. Plausible, because there are certain wood types which provide the sleek design as well as sturdiness. So, it can be said that wood headboards are better than metal headboards but it is not true always because there are headboards which are way better than wood headboards. So, it is very important to first look at which headboard you are considering to buy.


After going through the wood headboard reviews you will know that Black wood head board will not only beautify your room décor but also it will give you comfort when you try to read your book by sitting on the bed or when you surf the bed. Modern interior designers know the worth of having a headboard to the room decor.  In this era, even you cannot think about having a bed without a headboard. So, wooden headboards are very important to consider.

Black wood headboards usually are wall-mounted or they can stand on their own legs. Wall mounted wooden headboards are for those people who don’t change their room setting so fixing their bed in one place would be a better option for them. On the other hand, you can carry your bed anywhere with a headboard which has legs.

All these features are to be considered in buying the wooden headboard for you. If you are not still sure about your choice you can go through the buyer’s guide once again but this time try to note down the points.