Best Black Wooden Bookcases for Home Library Reviews 2022

Bookworms certainly need a black Wooden Bookcases but if you are not a bookworm you will still need a bookcase. A bookcase is important for home decor because displaying the collectibles will surely catch the viewer’s eye.

Many people are the admirers of books and having collectible books at home leaves a good impression on other people’s minds. Moreover, if you have books at home you will surely read.

Using MRI scan researchers found that reading a complex network of signals circulates in the brain. If you make reading your habit then this network matures, thus making your brain stronger and more sophisticated than it was ever before.

The best black wood bookcase is hard to find because there are so many choices to pick from so, keeping this in mind BlackWooden has chosen the top 7 black Wooden Bookcases for you. If you don’t have much time to go through the whole list then I would recommend you take a look at Sauder 3-Shelf Solid wood Bookcases.

If you want to look at more choices then don’t worry I will show 7 best options for you. I have chosen these products after comparing and testing it with other products available in the market. Most black wooden bookcases failed to pass our tests. So, only 7 black wooden bookcases happen to pass the test which I am referring to you. Let’s go through each of them one by one.

Do you know Library Dates Back To Romans Empire.


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Sauder Black Wooden Bookcases: 3-Shelf, Solid Wood Bookcases

Sauder Select Collection 3-Shelf Bookcase, Estate Black finish
  • Two adjustable shelves for flexible storage options
  • Quick and easy assembly with patented slide-on moldings to...
  • Assembled dimensions: L: 35.276" x W: 13.307" x H: 43.78"
  • Weight: 62.9 lbs (28.5 kg)
  • Engineered wood construction

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Let’s say that you have books but they are lying in the attic utterly forgotten and when you try to look for any of them you feel difficulty in finding them. If you manage to find them then you will see that they are covered in dust. Solid wood bookcases is there for your help.

One of the best features I like most is its material. The material will give your black wooden bookcases the durability you want. Moreover, it is engineered wood construction so, by this material you will not only durability but also you will get a sleek design.

You need to also know that it has adjustable shelves so by this you will get storage options. You can adjust it according to your book size or whatever you want to put in it. Its Estate Black finish will sure gain the viewer’s eye and he/she will not go without admiring it.


  • Light Weight: 59 pounds
  • Versatile room placement
  • 2 Adjustable Shelves
  • 5-year parts Warranty
  • Estate black Finishing
  • Tricky to put together

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Hodedah Import: 4-Bookcase, Real Wood Bookcase

Hodedah Import 4 Shelf Bookcase, Black
  • 4 open shelves
  • Constructed of High Quality Compressed Wood
  • Available in Beech, Cherry, Mahogany or Black
  • Perfect for home or office storage or display
  • Overall dimensions:H47.36” W15.9” D11.77”

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Let’s say you have little width of place so, you will need a long bookcase. In a long black wood case besides keeping books in it you can also put your trophies and albums in it. Its 4 shelves will be very useful for you in sorting because you will get enough room to place your bag on one shelf and books on the 2nd shelf and so on.

This real wood bookcase is made up of High-Quality Compressed Wood. So, its wood quality ensures its durability. The black wooden bookcases has Matte Black Wood Finish which provides the bookcase its unique style and attention-seeking look. You can have rustic wood bookcase, real wood bookcases and so on.

You should also know that it is a cheap bookcase. So, if you are looking for the best at cheap prices then you should also consider this bookcase.


  • Light Weight: 28 pounds
  • High-Quality Compressed Wood
  • Each Shelf can Hold 20lbs
  • Available in 6 designs and colors
  • Black Finishing
  • Tricky to put together
  • All shelves are fixed


Homfa: Tall-Black,Bookcases

Homfa Bookshelf 70.8 in Height, Bookcase 6 Shelf Free Standing Display Storage Shelves Standard Organization Collection Decor Furniture for Living Room Home Office, Black
  • 【Perfect display shelves】: The elegant design making it...
  • 【Large storage space】: Our bookshelf provides storage...
  • 【Easy Assemble】: Our bookshelf design is simple so that...
  • 【Environmental Material】: We Adopt the the quality E1...
  • 【High quality after sale service】: We are committed to...

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Let’s say that you have plenty of books and little width for your bookcase then, you use the stacking technique in order to pile up your books. This way of stacking can damage your books and it will be a poor way to store it. So, if you have a large number of books then, you can use a bookcase with a long height.

This feature of long height will help you to put plenty of things in it. It does not come with doors so you can easily access the books or the decoration whenever you want.

Another good feature is its environmentally friendly material. For making this sleek design black wood bookcase E1 grade material is used. Moreover, it has good customer service so, if you face any difficulty in assembling or another thing. You can easily call its customer service for any assistance.


  • Weight of 41 lbs
  • Long Height
  • Large storage space
  • Environmental Friendly Material
  • Dark Oak finishing
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Thin bottom


Ameriwood: Black,Bookcase With Doors

Ameriwood Home Moberly Bookcase with Doors, Black Oak
  • Give yourself plenty of storage room with the Ameriwood Home...
  • Three open shelves, 2 adjustable, to keep your office...
  • Two cabinet doors create concealed storage
  • Brushed Nickle handles and a sleek black with gray woodgrain...
  • Proudly Made in USA of U.S. and imported parts

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Let’s say you have a bookshelf but when you put your books and other stuff on it, it gets dusty due to the open nature of the bookshelf. So, by keeping this ameriwood has come up with this design. It contains a door by which you can easily protect your books and other things from dust.

Another good feature is its storage shelves because in addition to the two cabinet doors for concealed storage it has three open shelves. Thus, giving you plenty of space for keeping your essential stuff.

You should also know that the black wooden bookcases has brushed nickel handles which gives the door its perfect look. Moreover, it is black in color with gray wood grain finish the look. This finishing allows the bookcase to fit in any décor setting.

Its long size and small width will help you to put it in small places. Besides, the long height it is the cheap bookcase with doors.


  • Weight of 68 pounds
  • Three open shelves, 2 adjustable
  • Large storage space
  • Two cabinet doors
  • Gray wood grain finishing
  • Brushed Nickel handles
  • Hard to put together


Tribesigns Triple Wide 6-Shelf Rustic Wood Bookcases

Tribesigns Triple Wide 6-Shelf Bookshelves , 6-Tier Large Etagere Bookcase Bookshelves Storage and Double Wide Bookshelf Display Shelves with Sturdy Metal Frame for Home Office Deco ,Black
  • ✔ 【LARGE STORAGE SPACE】 Wide space for showcase 70”...
  • ✔ 【MODERN STYLE 6-TIER BOOKSHELF】: Contemporary style...
  • ✔ 【ROUND EDGE & CLEAN DESIGN】 Combine with three...
  • ✔ 【EASY ASSEMBLEY】: This book shelf comes with all...

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Let’s say you have children at home and as a mother or as a father your main priority is to save your child from any starch or from any accidents. So, In order to save yourself and your children from scratches this black wooden bookcases has a round edge style.

You should know that the black wooden bookcases are modern design because of its half-circle design and it comes with a contemporary style that easily blends well with any décor.

Another important feature which I like the most is its large storage place. By its large 6 shelves, you can place any size of books or antiques on it. This black wooden bookcase will provide you with both storage and style.

You should also know that in addition to wood material it is also made by a heavy-duty metal frame which ensures its durability. It is also stable and can bear the weight up to 60lb.


  • Large Storage Space
  • Modern Style 6-Tier Bookshelf
  • Round Edge Design
  • Maximum weight capacity of 300lb.
  • Environmental friendly E1 Material
  • Sturdy wood and metal frame
  • Not come pre-assembled


Bush Furniture Fairview: 5-Shelf, Wooden-Bookcase

Bush Furniture Fairview 5 Shelf Bookcase in Antique Black
  • Three adjustable shelves provide open storage flexibility
  • Two fixed shelves offer added stability
  • Fairview Collection melds attractive cottage styling with...
  • Antique Black Bookcase works well in the home or office
  • Offers plenty of vertical storage without taking up much...

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Let’s say you have antiques and you want to put them in a black wood bookcase to increase its beauty. The esthetic work of art will be praised by everyone if it is correctly placed. So, keeping this in mind Bush furniture has come up with this design.

This design will not only let you to put antiques but due to its large storage capacity, you can put books of all sizes in this black wood bookcase. Besides its large capacity is also has an Antique wooden design. It has attractive cottage styling with plenty of contemporary functionality.

One of the best features I like the most is its 6 years warranty which helps you to have a long-lasting black wooden bookcase for your living room. You should also know that in order to maintain the stability its 2 shelves are fixed in place and others are adjustable.


  • 3 adjustable and 2 fixed shelves
  • Attractive cottage styling
  • Finishing Antique Black
  • Each Shelf weight capacity of 50lb.
  • Has laminated particleboard
  • Not come pre-assembled


Tribesigns 4-Tier black Wooden bbookcases

Tribesigns 71 Inches Wide Foldable 4-Tier Open Bookcases Furniture, Folding Etagere Bookshelf, Large Book Shelves for Home Kitchen Organizer (Black)
  • - [Easy to Assemble, Carry and Store.] – With its Foldable...
  • - [CHIC APPEARANCE] – This bookshelf room divider pairs...
  • - [LARGE CAPACITY] – Measures 70.86'' H x 70.07'' W x...
  • - [MULTIPLE USAGE]–Multi-functional piece serves as a...
  • - [BUY WITH CONFIDENCE]–All tools and instructions needed...

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Let’s say your home is equipped with all the exquisite furniture and all you want is to have the modern design in the market. You may also want something which lets you enhance the beauty of your antiques.

The best thing I like the most is its pre-assemble feature this feature not only saves your time but it also saves you from the hardship of assembling the black wooden bookcase. So, you can just slide it and make it to your use. Moreover, you can slide the black wooden bookcases to your own preferable size and when the bookcase reaches that size you can lock its place.

Another good feature is its sleek and modern design. It will suit whatever the place you give your wooden bookcase. Besides, placing it along the wall you can also use this wooden bookcase as a room divider hence giving it multi-functionality.

You should also know that it is made up of durable engineered wood along with a strong steel frame. These measures give the wooden bookcases its stability and durability.


  • Pre-assembled Foldable Design
  • Chic loft look
  • Multi-functional
  • 18 months of quality assurance
  • Material: E1 particleboard
  • Matte black frame
  • Black metal frames laminated particleboard
  • Not scratch proof

Reviews to Know How to Choose Wooden Bookcases

To buy the best black wooden bookcases you need to know the reviews of wooden bookcases available in the market. Types usually depend on 2 things 1st is the type of wood used and 2nd is the type of paint used. The best material for bookshelves will be the one which not only provides you style but also be durable and sturdy.

Moreover, it can also be free-standing or placed in the walled. To know which bookshelf is made just for you. You need to know more about the Black wooden bookcases.

Types of bookshelves

Bookshelves are of many types and they can be categorized based on the type of material used by the bookshelves.

Black Wooden bookcases

Wooden bookshelves will provide you sleek design and they are sturdy as well. Wooden bookshelves come in all sizes and shapes. So, you can choose a black wood bookcase where or not your other furniture is made up of wood or not. Wood best for bookshelves are:

  • High-Quality Compressed Wood
  • Engineered wood construction
  • laminated particle Wood board
  • Matte Black Wood frame

Metal bookcase

In order to provide more sturdiness metal bookcases are there in the market. But the purpose of the metal will only be limited to provide support to the frame and the rest of the bookcase will be made from wood.
Black Wood Bookshelves with doors

These types of bookshelves provide you the flexibility to store such valuable things that you want to protect from the dust. So, these wooden bookshelves will provide you the option to conceal the things in the doors of the bookshelves.

Such bookshelves are available in the market and if you don’t want people to look at the things on the shelf you can easily hide it in the door compartment of the bookshelf.

How to Choose Size of Bookcase

Of course, bookshelves come in different sizes and it is very important for you to first measure the place where you want your new bookshelves to be. Black wooden bookcases come in many sizes they can be small or large, Wide or long so, based upon the available space in your home you can choose the best one for you.

Small black bookshelf

The size of bookshelves depends upon the number of the shelf they have. So, if they have 2 shelves then it will be a small-sized bookshelf.

Large bookshelves

Similarly, if the number of bookshelves is more than 2 then it is a long sized bookshelf.

Wide or Long

By determining the size you can choose either wide or long bookshelves.


Assembling is very important to consider because some black wood bookshelves are difficult to assembler and it can take more than 2 hours for assembling. Similarly, some bookshelves cannot be assembled by only one person. On the other hand, certain bookshelves are also available in the market which is easy to assemble.

The assembling will also require an easy reading user manual. So, if the product’s customer support is not good and they are not helping you then it would get difficult for you to put the pieces together.

You should also know that the shelves can be fixed or adjustable. So, if you want to adjust the size of the bookshelves then you can do it. On the other hand, some bookshelves are fixed so, you cannot move them. Mostly the lower one is fixed in order to maintain stability.


Wood bookcases that are pre-assembled are easy to use and to set up. Such wooden bookshelves also provide the flexibility to control the size. These bookshelves are often foldable and you can fold it and adjust it according to the size and shape you want.

Paint or Finishing

Paint or finishing is very important for the black wooden bookcases and there are many types of finishing available in the market which includes:

  • Gray wood grain finishing
  • Dark Oak finishing
  • Black Finishing
  • Finishing Antique Black


Of course, you can either have an expensive or cheap bookcase. But if you want a cheap bookshelf which is durable and the choice of many people then you have to go through the list and pick out the cheapest in the list.

Weight Holding Capacity of Shelves

You should also know how much weight you are going to put on your shelve. If you want to put more weight on the shelves then you should consider the wood bookcases which have more weight-bearing capacity.

Some bookshelves give you the flexibility of putting heavy weight on the shelves while others are delicate and can break if you put more weight on them.


Warranty is another important thing to consider because without the warranty any fault in the product can make the whole product useless. So, the warranty is very important. Most of the wood bookcases provide a warranty up to 5 years. On the other hand, there are products which do not provide a warranty at all.

If you are considering the only durability of the product then this is the point which you have to look for the most. Moreover, the warranty can also be limited to its scope. So, first, try to read what the warranty covers.


How do I choose a bookcase?

You can choose a bookcase by keeping the buyer guide in mind. In order to choose the best one first, you need to consider the size which you want after that, choose whether you want pre-assembled or you want to assemble it by yourself. After determining your needs you can easily narrow down your choices and can reach to the conclusion.

Can you spray paint a wood bookcase?

Yes, you can but after the paint, it will not look as you imagined because the original finishing is done by keeping details in mind. So, I would recommend you to not to use spray paint for the wood bookcase.

What color should a bookshelf be?

Wooden Bookcases should match the color scheme of your living room but the black wooden bookcases suits in almost every décor. So, I would recommend you to choose a Black wooden bookcases.

What is a good depth for a bookcase?

Normally bookcases are 10 to 12 inches in depth. For shelf spacing, the length generally is from 7 to 15 inches. 8 to 11 inches is also common.

Where to find discount solid wood bookcases

You can find discount solid wood bookcases from amazon or other stores near you. However, you can find many coupons from the amazon to get the discount for solid wood bookcases.


In order to make your living room perfect, you will surely need a black wooden bookcase. Despite using it just for keeping books it is usually used for keeping candles, magazines, antiques, and so on. Of course, bookcases come in different sizes, prices, materials, paint, finishing, assembling, and warranties. Only you can choose the best one out for you. You can do this by keeping your needs in mind and eliminating other choices you are considering.

Pros and Cons are also there to help you. By keeping both of them in find you will find the right product for you. If you succeed in finding the best one out not only people will admire your choice but the bookshelf will also be the source of happiness for you.

On the other hand, if you failed in choosing the best one the bookshelf will become the source of distress for you. So, choose wisely and choose the best with me.