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In home décor you will encounter many Different Types of Wood furniture but the one that is the best is hard to find. The choice of the wood can depend on the budget as well as the duration of usage. In addition the quality and type of wood, the process by which it is made also influences the quality and texture of the wood.

If you are thinking of having new wood furniture then this guide will help you in choosing different types of wood for furniture. You can find wood in different shapes and sizes. As you know wood comes from tress and there are many kinds of tress in the world so due to the variety there are many types of wood valuable to us.

Different Types Of Wood

How to Tell Different Types of Wood?

There are two main ways to know how to tell different types of wood, that are solid wood and manufactured wood. In these two types there are also sub categories of these different types of wood for furniture. Solid wood have hardwoods and softwoods. Again in the hardwoods and softwoods there are categories.  The manufactured wood is made by men and most of the manufactured wood is a mixture of real wood and synthetic materials.

How to Identify Types of Wood

You can know how to identify types of wood by many ways, but you need to know Solid wood is not made by men rather it comes directly from trees. So, it takes time to produce such wood as growing process of tress takes time. Further there can be two ways to identify two types of wood that are hardwood and softwood.

Here are the pictures of different types of wood as well as their property.


Hard wood

Hardwood it hard and denser than softwood, that’s the reason why it is called hardwood. Hardwood is obtained from the tree that takes time to grow. The high quality furniture uses such wood as a raw material. You can find hardwood in Oak tree, Hickory tree Teak tree, Maple tree, birch tree, Walnut tree, cherry, Mahogany tree, and so on. All types are explained below.

If you want hardwood you can have lumber from these trees. Keep in mind that these trees take lot of time in growing. So, better plant more trees before thinking of cutting one. Most Wooden Bed Frames, Black wood hangers are made with hardwood.

Is Walnut Hard or Soft?

Walnut is a hard and durable solid wood material. Walnut is famous because its carving can hold the shape for years. If you are willing to do good investment then you can choose walnut wood material. It is a good investment because it will say with you for long time. Walnut is present in different colors that can vary from white to dark brown. It is also known for its large burls. Most Wood Bar Stools are also made with walnut wood.

It is so much tough that in World War 1 the airplane propellers were made out of walnut wood.

Is Koa Wood hard or Soft?

Koa wood is a hard wood. Koa wood is famous because of its uniform wood grain. It has medium to coarse texture of its grain. Moreover, it also has rot resistance properties. Moreover, Koa is also vulnerable to termite attack. However, it is easy to work with Koa wood. You can easily carve it and sand it. Famous wooden watches are made with such wood type.

Is Maple Hard or Soft?

If you are looking for the hardest wood type then Maple is hardest that you can have. Dressers, dining table and other furniture are made with maple wood. Maple wood comes in different colors like reddish brown and black. Maple wood has straight and fine grain. It also has a unique pattern. Hard maple has light color while soft maple has dark color.

Is Mahogany Hard or Soft?

Mahogany is durable hard wood type. It is also available in large board because its tree has reasonable size. Mahogany wood contains straight and fine grain. Due to the availability of large wooden boards many furniture is crafted from mahogany trees. In this Furniture wood type, it can have variety of colors from pink to reddish-brown. Mahogany wood is usually used for making large pieces of furniture like dining tables.

Is Birch Hard or Soft?

This hardwood type is best known for its color. Such tree wood is blond in color and has clean grain. Due to its clean grain it is commonly used as interior designing. The color can also range from cream to light reddish brown. Moreover, the wood is strong and durable.

Is Oak Hard or Soft?

Oak tree is a hardwood because growth is slow and due to slow growth dense wood is created. This also increases the durability. You can also apply different finishing to Oak wood. Different types of wood finishes is extremely useful for making traditional as well as modern furniture. Most antiques you see are usually constructed by oak wood. The color can also range from light brown to somewhat pinkish-red. Another important quality of Oak furniture is that it is has scratch-resistance as well as stain-resistant qualities.

Is Cherry Hard or Soft?

Cherry wood is hardwood and it has uniform and straight grain. Cheery wood is easy to polish and it usually gives a beautiful look. Cherry wood is also used for making antique furniture. Cherry wood comes in deep red color or pinkish brown color. Another unique property of cherry wood is that it becomes more beautiful when it ages. Cherry wood is also sturdy because it is a type of hardwood.

Is Bamboo Hard or Soft?

Bamboo is best known due to its eco-friendliness. It is debated that bamboo is not a hardwood because it is a grass, but it is hard enough to give a touch of hardwood. It grows way faster than normal hardwood does. It also comes in blond coloring. Another important property of bamboo is that it can resist swelling and even shrinking. So, furniture what is used for outdoor is usually made from bamboo.

Is Alder Wood Hard or Soft?

Alder wood is a hardwood usually comes from the family of birch tree. So, you can say that it can have similar properties like birch tree. Its color is mostly white when it is cut. With the contact of air it becomes brown. The alder hardwood usually has straight grans that helps in carving, and tanning. Application of alder wood is same just like Birchwood. With alder wood you can also apply a different types of wood finishes because alder wood is easily sanded.

However, alder woods do not grow in large heights. So, alder wood is not considered if you want large planks of wood. Alder wood is also used for making furniture such as cabinets. They are also used for decorating. You can also find such hard wood in the base of electrical guitars. Such wood is chosen for guitar because this wood produces a clean tone that is hard to mimic by other different Types of Wood.

Is Ash Wood Hard or Soft?

Ash wood is a hard wood type and it resembles white oak wood. Since white oat wood is expensive ask wood is there for cheaper solution. However, due to invasive pest infestation in the forest, the ash wood is not hard to find. If your local store has ash wood then you can ask for the one if you want to replace the oak wood with budget friendly wood. Another important property of ash wood is that it can take multiple stains. So, you can have different finishing by using such wood.

Is Aspen Wood Hard or Soft?

Aspen is a hard wood type. It usually comes in light colored wood. It can take any stain and painting. So, you can apply a multiple finishing to such wood type. Prominent feature if this hard wood is that it has a fuzzy texture. Aspen wood is not easily available so, it is usually used for making special furniture.

Aspen is widely used for making sauna. Click here to read more about home sauna. Sauna is made from this wood because the wood has the property to resist heat conduction and it can tolerate the moisture as well. Other wood swells in the presence of moisture thus sauna is made from aspen hard wood.

Aspen is also used for making matchsticks. Moreover, drawers’ slides are made from aspen wood because aspen wood also avoids sticking. Another best property of Aspen wood is that it is odorless and taste free. Due to this property many kitchen utensils are made from this wood. Many chopsticks, wooden spoons and other kitchen utensils are made from this wood.

Is Balsa Hard or Soft Wood?

Yes, Balsa is a hardwood. However, you can say that it is the softest commercial hardwood available in the market. Due to its softness it is usually used for craft project. You may have used this type of wood in your childhood while playing with building blocks. Because of its softness and flexibility it was first used in airplanes of World War 1 and World War 2.

Balsa wood grows rapidly but it has a short lifespan. Balsa wood is also used for making rafts and life preservers used for floating. Most surfboards are also made from this wood type. However, it is not strong so wood furniture is not made from this wood type.

You should know that you can easily paint or stain such wood. If you want to build furniture from this wood then you should use glue instead of screws of nails because such drilling and hammering can break the wood.

Is Basswood Hard or Soft?

Yes, basswood is a hard wood and if you want strong yet light wood then basswood can be your option. It is usually creamy in color and it has straight and tight grains. The wood type will not warp or move once it is dried.

Basswood is chosen by many woodcarvers and wood furniture makers. Moreover, it is also chosen for woodwork and building different models. Basswood is easily available so this is another reason why wood crafters use this wood type.

Basswood is also famous because it has no taste, order or allergies. Many utensils are made from this wood because of this property. Moreover, this type of wood is also cheap as compared to other different Types of Wood furniture. If you want budget friendly wood then you can choose this wood type. If you want to know about kitchen utensils like cutting board or any other cutlery then you can visit our articles.

Is Beech Wood Hard or Soft?

Yes, Beech wood is hardwood and mostly used for making wooden furniture. Beech wood is also known for its consistent grain pattern. Moreover, it is creamy in color and sometimes it can have gray flecking. Mostly light colored wood is found in beech wood type.

Beachwood is also chosen for making interior furniture because this wood can easily stem bend and takes the shape that you want it to take. Many chairs and carved furniture are made from this wood type. However, beech wood is not preferred for outdoor usage because it can shirk or swell due to the exposure of any environmental factors.

Beech wood is widely used in the pianos. It is widely used because this wood type comes in affordable ranges. You should also know that, you can easily work with this wood type as long as you have sharp tools. You can also glue it or stain it to your desired colors. It can be painted and stained easily.

Is Ebony Wood Hard or Soft?

ebony wood, natural black wood

If you are looking for black wood then Ebony wood is all you want. Ebony wood is a hard wood that is famous because of its black color. This black wooden type is very hard so, it is chosen by many wood carvers and wood specialists. Many projects are made from this wood type.

However, harvesting such wood can be quite hard. Ideal conditions are required in order to grow such wood type. Because of these reasons Ebony wood type is hard to find. Moreover, its tree also takes more time to grow as compared to the other trees. Ebony wood were used in the past for many things such as for black keys of pianos, flute, and guitars.

Carving of ebony material produces a mesmerizing finish and this wood is also famous because of its ability of holding its shape. If you ask a wood working he/she will suggest you to use hand tools while working with such wood type. It is quite hard so machine can face difficulty in the carving of such wood.

Ebony is usually nailed and screwed. Moreover, paints and other finishing are used for such different Types of Wood furniture. However, fine sanding and buffing are used in order to make furniture out of ebony wood type.

Substitute of such ebony wood are cherry wood and walnut wood. These different Types of Wood furniture are famous because of their ability to retain the rich dark black color. These wood are preferred because they are relatively easy to made and are more sustainable then ebony wood.

Is Poplar Hard or Soft?

Yes, poplar is a hardwood and it is famous from economical point of view. Poplar wood type is used for making number of furniture and projects. However, poplar wood grain is not appealing so such wood type is often painted. In nature it is usually available in light color and sometimes it looks like white colored.

Poplar hard wood type is choice of many because it is easy to work with such wood. However, due to its unappealing grain it is usually used in furniture which is not too much visible such as inside of drawers or on the down side of the table.

You can find such wood type in any wood store. It is available in all sizes and you can even make DIY projects or you can make projects for your hobby. Another property of poplar is that it resists the warping or dislocation.

IS Rosewood Hard or Soft?

Yes, it is a Hardwood and it is famous because many musical instruments are made from this wood type. Pianos, guitars, and other muscle instruments use such wood. Rose wood often has expensive prices because of its popularity in the muscle world.

The most common rosewood is Brazilian rose wood. However, Madagascar or Asia also produces such different Types of Wood furniture. However, due to the unavailability of such wood other different Types of Wood furniture are also used for making musical instruments.

Is Teak Tree Hard or Soft?

Teak wood is a hardwood often comes from Asian rainforest. If is very rare because it takes 60 years for the teak tree to mature enough to be harvested. Because of the long growing duration this type of wood is quite rare and expensive.

Teak became famous because of its use in boat building. Teak is still very popular for making premium outdoor furniture and variety of outdoor furniture. Teak has oily finishing so stain and glue is difficult to put on to this wood type. Due to its growing cycle this wood has become so hard that you need to sharp your tools again and again in order to carve such wood.

Teak also have earthy aroma and oily finishing produces glow. You should keep in mind to specially put gloves and other protective gear before working with this wood type. Carving such wood can cause allergies so behave while working with teak wood.

Is Zebra Wood Hard or Soft?

Zebra wood is a hard wood and it is named because of the texture of wood. Stripes like zebra are observed on this wood type. If you want your furniture to have a unique texture then you can consider having furniture of such type.

It is also used for making premium furniture because of its unique pattern. You should keep in mind that it is a hardwood so it will be difficult to carve it. In the past zebra wood were used in many luxury things. Cars, guns and other similar things were crafted with zebra wood in the past.

In modern wood you can see zebra wood in the veneers. However, it is expensive and you may have to find other wood type if you want to keep it in reach of most people.

Is Rubber wood good alternative to hardwood?

Rubber wood is often used in the furniture and it comes from the tree from which latex is extracted. Rubber wood takes only 9 years to reach maturity. Hence, due to the speed of maturing it is being used as an alternative to hardwood. It is not only cheaper but it can also be used as an alternative to hardwood. However, the real hardwood has different properties that will not be there in case of rubber wood.

Hardwood Important features

Important features of Hardwood include:

  • Durability
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Fire Resistant
  • Stuffed Grains
  • Low Sap Contents


Different types of Soft Wood

Softwood just as you expect is soft than hardwood. Its density is less as compared to the hardwood. Such furniture wood type can be found in evergreen trees. These tress are called coniferous, such tress grow more rapidly as compared to hardwood trees. You can find softwood in Spruce tree, bamboo, Pine tree, and Fur tree.


Pine is famous because of its light weight and also because of its rustic and sleek farm design. Pine is relatively cheap in nature and it is famous for those people who don’t want to make a huge investment. Another important property of pine is that you can have different finishing in pine. So, any fun color can be applied on pine wood. Pine also has beautiful knots that make it unique from other different Types of Wood furniture.  Pine wood also shows resistance towards shrinking, and swelling.

Do you know the oldest pine tree in the world is 5,065 years old?

Is Red Wood Soft or Hard?

Redwood is a soft wood and it comes in different colors. Its colors range from light pink to brown. It can also have deep reddish brown color. The Red wood sap is pale white or pale yellow in color. The Grains of redwood is usually straight. However, its pieces can be wavy or irregular in nature.

Red wood also offers resistance to rot. It is often seen that the wood taken from older trees are more durable than lumber taken from young trees. Since, it lies in the softwood category so, it will be quite easy to work with. Since it is softwood so you have to look for planer wear or tear. It is a soft wood so you have to avoid nailing or screwing it. However, many finishing can be applied to such wood type.

Redwood also has a distinct smell that usually fades with the usage. It is not that much expensive as compared to other different Types of Wood furniture. However, it comes in mid-price range or high price range. Due to its extensive use it is reported that 40% of redwood is reduced if we see the past three generations. The reducing in the red wood is caused by a decline in its natural habitat and exploitation.

Veneer, posts, decking, and exterior furniture are constructed by redwood. Redwood is also being used for making musical instruments, and other small wood furniture.

Do you know the World’s tallest tree is redwood having height of approximately 400 feet?

Is Douglas Fir Soft or Hard?

Douglas fir is an economical yet strong enough to be used in many applications. Douglas fir is often used in such projects where painting is required. The natural texture of the Douglas fir is not appealing enough. Moreover, the stains do not easily fix on such wood so painting such wood is required. Douglas fir usually available in Long lengths, you can also have clear grades of Douglas fir.

The wood natural color is reddish brown or light brown. The wood type is used for making a number of things that include Flooring, internal cladding, Exterior, Joinery, and for structural use. You can find Douglas fir in large number because it is extensively planted in Europe as well as the UK. However, it naturally grows in the North America.

Is Larch Wood Soft or Hard?

Larch wood is a soft wood commonly called as Western Larcha. Larch wood is oily or greasy to feel. However, due to its oiliness a shine can be observed on the wood. You can find larch wood in colors range from yellow to reddish brown. You can also see small knots in this wood type.

The grains are usually straight. On the bad side larch wood do not provide an efficient decay resistance. You can easily carve or use the larch wood either by hand or by the use of machines. You should also know that it does not contain any taste or odor. So, it can be used for making cutlery and kitchen utensils.

Exposure to the dust of larch can cause skin irritation. However, it is not common among many people. If you have wood allergies you need to have proper equipment before working with the wood materials. Large wood usually grows larger and in less time as compared to other different Types of Wood furniture. Due to this, the price of larch wood is moderate.

You can see that it is most sustainable as compared to other different Types of Wood furniture. You should know that larch wood is not written on the CITES Appendices. A variety of things are made by larch wood that includes Veneer, paper, plywood, particleboard, lumber, and flooring.

Is Spruce Soft or Hard?

It is softwood that not only has strength but also has good weight bearing property. In the past aircraft was made by using such wood. Moreover, it also has acoustic properties. With these properties many musical instruments are constructed by using spruce wood. Many violins and guitars are constructed by using such wood.

There are two types of spruce wood available to you that are Eastern Spruce and Sitka spruce. The types are further broken down to the following types.

Eastern SpruceSitka Spruce
Black SpruceSitka Spruce
White Spruce
Red Spruce

The different spruce has different colors and properties. Eastern spruce contains cream color or yellowish color. However, it has a fine texture. On the other hand Sitka spruce is creamy or yellowish in color. And it can also have pinkish color. The resin canals of Sitka spruce are slightly larger than other spruce types.

Is western hemlock wood soft or hard?

Western hemlock wood is soft wood. It is often used for making frame, pallets, boxes, millwork and plywood. You can find hemlock wood in light reddish brown color. It is usually light weight and soft its grains are often straight and it has uneven texture.

You can apply different finishing on the western hemlock wood. However, clear finishing is preferred for hemlock wood.

What are Different Types of Wood and their Uses?

Here are the few different types of wood and their uses, Softwood like Pine, Cedar, Spruce, Redwood, and Fir are used in making different materials. Such wood are used as a frame or making different utensils. Most softwood has property of resisting rot and preventing insect infestation. So, due to this product it is often used as a outer covering for most furniture.

Softwood Important features
  • Having lighter color
  • They have higher sap content
  • They usually lose grain
  • They are usually less expensive than hardwood

Engineered Wood Furniture

This picture is about Different Types of Wood, Engineered Wood

Engineered wood is not total wood it is a mixture of wood and synthetic materials. There are many Different Types of Wood made from engineered wood such as: plywood, particleboard. No days many things are made with this wood such as black kitchen cabinets. Engineered wood types

Is Engineered Wood Solid Wood?

No, engineered wood is a mixture of both hardwood and plywood. Solid wood do not contain a mixture. So, all that wood that are made with two materials wood and synthetic are referred as engineered wood.

Engineered wood is made by man in order to increase the quality and properties of wood. Engineered wood is also stable and it is often stronger than solid hardwood. The layers of the wood and the synthetic material contribute to less expansion and contraction.


Plywood Types of Wood

Plywood is an engineered wood it is made with wood and multiple layers of veneer. When the both materials are joined together plywood is formed.  Usually the layers are joined together firmly by compressing the two materials together. Plywood also comes in different finishing styles.

Moreover, plywood is man maid so, it often comes in different sizes, and thickness. However, plywood has many beneficial properties. Due to these properties plywood has become a need of many. Plywood is more in demand as compare to wood, bricks, plastic, and so on.

Plywood comes in Different Types of Wood, the types include

  • Softwood plywood: such plywood is used in grooves of flooring
  • Hardwood plywood: such plywood is used for Flooring as well as for wall Structuring
  • Tropical plywood: it is usually Soft, and have Low Cost
  • Wood Decorative Plywood: such plywood is made that is easy to Dye
  • Sea plywood: Such plywood is used for Docks and for having Flexible boats
  • High Strength plywood: Such plywood can have Resistance to Heat, Humidity and so on.

Due to the great number of benefits large industries are making different kinds of plywood. Plywood has number of advantages that include

  • High Strength and Stability
  • Good Impact Resistance
  • Increase Shear Strength
  • Water and Chemical Resistance
  • Flexibility
  • Fire Resistance
  • Sound and Thermal Insulation.
Does plywood has High Strength and Stability?

Plywood is provided cross graining due to which it resists splitting. Moreover, the pattern of grains improves uniform strength hence increasing stability. Contrary to the natural wood that change its size because of the moister and humidity. Plywood does not change the size and shape because of the moisture. Moreover, you will not see expansion or contraction in the plywood.

Impact Resistance

Plywood is made in such a way to have good tensile strength. Due to the cross lamination of panels force is equally distributed to all of the area of the plywood. Due to this, plywood bears great impacts as compared to natural wood. This is the reason behind using of plywood as flooring.

Increase Shear strength

Plywood is made by man so you can increase the shear strength of plywood. You can have plywood with veneers to have good shear strength. When plywood is treated with the veneer it gets double the hardness as compared to the solid wood.

Water and chemical Resistance

When plywood is being made it is often treated with substance that makes the plywood resistant to water and chemicals. However, it will not have chemical and water resisting properties as compared to natural occurring wood.

In modern times with the advancement of technology many waterproofing techniques are applied. Due to the techniques plywood are being made hydrophobic. Due to the water resisting properties many things are made from plywood such as furniture like tables, chairs, benches, and so on.


Plywood is made flexible as compared to the natural wood. There are many Different Types of Wood of plywood that can be easily bent without breaking. You can easily distinguish between real wood and plywood due to this ability. Plywood flexibility depends on the thickness. If more veneers are there the thickness is increase and hence flexibility is decrease. So, there exists a tradeoff between these two quantities. If you have less thickness of veneers you will have flexible plywood.

Fire Resistance

Plywood can also be treated with fire resistance chemical and due to this coating you can get fire resistance property of plywood.

Sound and Thermal Insulation

There are many adhesive and resign used to make plywood. Theses resigns and adhesive can provide sound resisting as well as heat resisting properties. In order to combine together the veneers layers and real wood layers together adhesive and resigns are used. Plywood is man-made so, you can also make customized plywood according to the needs. If you want more heart resistance you can apply different chemicals or layers and you will have the resistance you want.

  • Have different thickness
  • Different plywood types for different uses
  • Strong Material
  • Water resistance
  • Fire Resistance
  • Can be screwed or nailed
  • Expensive as compared to other engineered wood
  • Hard to apply finishing to edges
  • Often have splinters
  • Quite difficult to cut
Particle Board

Particle Board

Particle board is made with waste wood product. You can say that Particle board is made when Wood chips, sawmill shaving, sawdust and resigns are heat pressed together. To give particle board different properties like heat resistance, chemical resistance and so on. It is treated with many things. However, it is engineered wood. So, the weight is evenly distributed among the whole area of the plywood to give it a good tensile strength.

Usually multiple compression are done to join the waste wood product tightly together. Following are the cons and pros of particle board.

  • Usually have Low Cost
  • It is light Weight
  • Many Ready Made Furniture uses Particle board
  • Low Tensile Strength
  • Not Eco-Friendly
  • Can expand and lose color due to water or moisture
MDF Wood

MDF Wood

MDF is also a type of engineered wood. MDF is an abbreviation of medium density fiberboard. It is made from fibers of the wood. Due to the small fibers MDF do not contain wood grain, rings, or knots. To make MDF wood the different substance are glued, heated and tightly pressed. MDF are made stronger and denser than plywood. To have water resistance, fire resistance and other resistance it is treated with different things. Pros and cons of MDF wood is following

  • It usually have low cost
  • It has no splinters
  • Very Smooth
  • Easy to paint
  • Cutting is made easy
  • Denser and stronger than plywood
  • No wood Grain
  • Heavy
  • You cannot apply stains
  • It can become dull with time

Engineered Wood Grades

Grades are given to the engineered wood because of the presence of knot holes and voids. However, grade also depends upon the degree of repair and defects in the engineered wood. Usually grades from A to D are given to the engineered wood. A grade indicates minor defects while D indicates large defects.

You can Find different types of wood in different furniture such as black wood book shelf, wood headboards, wood high chair, and so on.


What are the best different Types of Wood Desk?

  • Oak: It is a hardwood often comes with durability and hardness. You can apply different finishing on Oak. So, oak wood is good for making desk.
  • Maple: Maple is also hardwood and is popular choice for making desk. It is durable and you can find different desk in reasonable pricing.
  • Walnut: Walnut is a solid material and it can retain the carving for years. So, any desk made with such material will hold the shape and will prove to be sturdy. Moreover, many finishing can also be applied on walnut.
  • Cherry: Cherry wood can add style to the room. It is durable as well as stylish so, wood desk are being made from this material.

What is the best wood for tables?

  • Maple: Tables need to be stylish, sturdy and durable. You can apply different stains to maple. So, different colors make the table unique, stylish and sturdy.
  • Walnut: Walnut has beautiful grain texture and it is usually tough. Due to its beauty and toughness tables are made from this material.

What is the most expensive wood for furniture?

There are many expensive different Types of Wood furniture available in the market some are:

African Blackwood
Agar Wood
Ebony Black Wood
Pink Ivory
Iron wood
Bocote / Cordia


What is the most used wood?

Plywood is the most commonly used wood type. It is most commonly used because it is available in large quantity. Moreover, many you can have wood according to your thickness or flexibility. Plywood also contains many resistance properties. Many building materials and well as flooring are being made from plywood.

What is laminate furniture?

Laminated furniture is a cost effective way to make a attractive furniture. Usually a synthetic material is used or a thin slice of real wood is used that works to hide low quality material. Laminate can be seen best for children furniture or furniture that takes large space. It is good for large volume furniture because if it gets damage you won’t have to pay more for the repairs.

What is the cheapest wood for furniture?

Pine and bamboo are considers as a cheapest wood for furniture. The reason behind the low price is that it takes less time to grow. However, there are also many different Types of Wood furniture that are cheap and many furniture are made from it. The more easily sometime is available the more cheaply it gets.

Final Words

different Types of Wood furniture are different because of its different uses. Wood Is categorized into two types that are solid wood and engineered wood. However the categories of solid wood are also divided in to two types that are hardwood and softwood. different Types of Wood furniture lie in different categories. However, if it lies in hard wood category then it will be hard and dense.

If it lies in soft wood category then it will be soft in nature. If it lies in engineered wood category then, it will be made by men. Moreover, you can also classify the wood according to the price, strength or grain texture. The choice of categorizing is up to the customer needs.